Type "groomsmen socks" into Google and you'll find some of my favorite wedding pictures. That's right. I said it. My favorite! I don't know why... but I just love this idea!

So I knew... I just had to do this, too!

My problem... I couldn't find the socks! I looked high and low... and nothing! Except for Polo... and let's be honest -- these boys are never wearing these socks again.. $9.50? Pshh!

So I was feeling a bit defeated... and sad... and like it wasn't going to happen.

I looked online, too! But all the pink socks had navy in them and while I love navy it has nothing to do with my color scheme.

But then!

My mom found this site: We love colors

Have you heard of it? I never had... but I'm glad I did!

They have 51 colors ranging from bright to dark... including neon ;)

And for $3.50 a pair (and only $5 shipping) I snagged 8 pairs right away.

I choose orchid pink:

Don't worry, this is just a color guide and the socks aren't this tall [imagine!].

But I'm so happy to find them and can't wait for their arrival! ;)

Oh, and thank you to all who gave advice about the anonymous RSVP... I think waiting for process of elimination is the best I can do.


Happy long weekend!


  1. I, too, love wedding photos that feature groomsmen and their awesome socks! And I'm glad to know that there are places out there that sell fun colored socks for a great price--like you, I don't want to spend $10 for a pair of socks!

  2. aww! thats going to be a fabulous wedding photo! haha

  3. gasp! i've been searching for men's colored socks too because i love sock pics as well, and this site is sooo helpful! thanks girlie!

  4. I love when the guys wear fun socks too, it kind of gives them a little more personality and and some fun photos to take too! :) Love the pink!


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