Marriage Licenses

...days left, that is! ;)

Which means... we could officially file for our marriage license as of RIGHT now.

Crazy?! I've been reading about them.. and this is what I've learned:

1. You can't marry someone already in your family
2. You can go to a number of places to apply for the marriage certificate but both bride and groom need to be present
3. You need proper ID - birth certificate, passport... etc
4. The state of MA doesn't require blood tests or medical records
5. There's a cash fee of $5-$50 depending on where you go
6. There's a 3-day waiting period from the day you apply to the day you can pick it up
7. Once it's issued... it's valid for 60 days

See?! We COULD GO GET ONE now. ;)


  1. ahh! i'm excited for you two! when you go, take pictures ;)

  2. Defintely post pictures!! Good to know you can't get it for three days after you apply!

  3. It is a weird feeling isn't it. we are coming up to the under 60 day mark and things are starting to feel SO real all of a sudden :)


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