More RSVPs!

I'm really enjoying this ;)

I have to say though... I decided to have the RSVP's sent directly to my parents house and my mom has been collecting the responses -- and I love it.

I think that if they came straight to me... I would be running to the mailbox every day and it would consume me. This way I look forward to a text message saying who responded... and it's more calm, less stressful and no pressure. It's fun!

But there's a problem, friends.

I tried to take a short cut...

I read that it's helpful to lightly number your response cards on the back so that if someone sends you one back without a name you can look up the number and know whose card it is.

Well -- I was too lazy to do that. And today... one of the RSVP's I received is BLANK! As in no name...

=( noo!

What do I do?!

Do I wait and try to figure out who it is through process of elimination?! Or do I frantically start asking people now...?


  1. oh no! I didn't number mine either.. I got lazy. I just figured that everyone would fill it out..I think waiting and using the process of elimination is the best way to go!

  2. Oh my! Thanks for the heads up on that one, I never thought people would send them back blank. But I agree, hold out for the process of elimination..and if worse comes to worse you will know who it is when you are making those calls to wrangle up those last few people to RSVP and that person says, "Oh I sent it back weeks ago!"

  3. Ahhhh, I didn't number mine either. Thank goodness no one forgot to write their name in. Who forgets that?? Haha. We had SO much fun checking for the response cards every day. We would have to divide it up and we each got to open some. Haha.

  4. definitely wait for process of elim. you'll figure it out eventually lol. now you've made me super sure that i MUST have a black light pen!

  5. Are you sure there was no return address that they added to the envelope? OOOOO, or you can see where the stamp was cancelled and see if the city it came from gives you a clue. You just made me happy that I am doing e-rsvps :-D

    Good luck!!


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