More to do...

These are similar to what my next DIY project will be like. I already have the wooden signs and I've been looking on dafont but there are so many neat fonts that I can't decide which one to use!

One major difference is that I want ours to say Mrs. and Mr. rather than Bride and Groom. ;)

The knot is telling me I still have 99 things left to do... and considering we only have 73 days left -- that seems a little overwhelming.

These are some things that need to be dealt with... like now:

Our hotel: I booked two suites to get ready in (one for me and my bridesmaids & one for Sean and his groomsmen). But I didn't realize that booking them for Friday into Saturday meant that check-out time on Saturday is noon. Which means we'll have to check out right in the middle of getting ready! What's the point of that?! So apparently, we have to pay to have both rooms for two nights. Crazy and ridiculous but it's the only way since late check-out is not an option.

Videographer: I'm still really torn whether or not to have one. We don't need it... and right now it's not something that I even necessarily want.

Our honeymoon: We have our flights/car rental/and our hotel vouchers... but we have to actually go through and choose the places we'll be staying. That's something we need to do pretty soon...

Transportation: A few months ago when I tried to book the shuttle to carry guests and us from the hotel to the venue the company told me it was too early and to call back. Weird? Yah... well now it's almost here and I have to call back...

Invitations: They definitely need to be addressed... I just keep saying it and not doing anything about it! This weekend (maybe the beginning of next week)... for sure. It's my immediate goal. I swear.

Tomorrow (in the daylight) I'm going to take pictures of my shower scrapbook! I tried taking them tonight but the lighting is not that great and the iPhone is lacking a flash, so...



  1. Yikes 99 things to do....better start going through the list some of the things on the list are a bit too much :-)

  2. ugh 99 things DOES sound overwhelming. just stay on top of things and you'll be fine, hun!

  3. I have to say....GET A VIDEOGRAPHER!!! There are ones out there that arent crazy expensive that are still pretty amazing. We were thinking we didnt want one either, but you will love that you did. We loved looking at our video and its so nice to see everything happen when your the one in the middle of it all! Really think about it!

    Good luck with all the other 99 things to do. Sometimes that list on the knot is longer than what you really need! :)

  4. Those signs will be way cute!! Don't worry everything will come together- make sure your list on the knot are things you actually need to do! Bummer about the hotel but at least you found out now! Good Luck my dear!

  5. You can do it! chances are some of those things are things you don;t really need to do or things that will take a quick phone call etc. I do know the feeling however because I too am feeling the 70 ish day crunch! I love the signs :)

  6. You are so organized that 99 things to do will be a piece of cake for you!! I am still impartial of having a videoagrapher, I really don't like seeing myself on video!

  7. I'm excited to see your completed projects! I'd say for sure get the videographer!!! I have two girlfriends whose biggest wedding day regret is not hiring a videographer! It may seem unnecessary now, but you'll be glad when you have that video to watch over and over and over and over.....


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