Wedding Nightmares.

They've started continued...

The wedding nightmares! I'm happy to say they're not marriage nightmares [which I think would be different]. But these nightmares are taking over my sleep... or lack of it.

And they range from me forgetting to mail out invitations and having no idea who is coming... to not having the right flowers, having a rip in my dress [not being able to fit into my dress], not being able to have my makeup done, the music not being perfect, not having jewelry or my veil, etc., etc., etc.

It's awful.

In one I actually dreamed that I went to the venue all dressed and ready and the place was like "uhhh, your wedding's tomorrow!"...

Apparently, my subconscious thinks [or knows] that I'm a really forgetful person.


  1. ugh i hate wedding nightmares. ooh and i just realized i'm having my first bridal shower on your big day! it'll be fun for us both! as for the nightmares, try drinking warm milk or tea with chamomile before bed to try to calm your subconscious nerves.

  2. :( everything will be ok. Just know that, that day will be a blur while its happening and anything that can go wrong, will. BUT everything will be ok!

  3. We won't let you forget anything :)

  4. Oh my I heard about wedding nightmares...maybe you should skip thinking or talking wedding before sleeping...or in the evening...hahaha

  5. Yurg, that is no fun! They haven't started for me yet, but I know the time is drawing near...


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