Wedding Planning Weekend

Friday night we went shopping for mother of the bride dresses. My mom now has two in her possession and two being shipped to her. ;)

Yesterday all these traveled to the post office:

Then I got my nails done and talked to the place about bringing in my bridal party the day before the wedding and having manicures & pedicures. They said it would work out great and they close down for bridal parties so that we'll be the only group there! ;) We can also bring in snacks and beverages so I'm really excited for that... and it's one more thing that's checked off the list.

Last night, I saw...

It was so hilarious. I want to go see it again & again & again.

Today I hope to chat about the rehearsal dinner and book our wedding transportation! ;)

Oh... check out who we will be receiving an invite:



  1. I hope he says yes to the invite! But he might not get it for a few days...he's on his way to Ireland at the moment :) or at least he should be soon...

  2. I really want to see that movie!! I sent an invite off to them too and Mickey and Minnie! Can you believe you won my giveaway- so fun!!

  3. My mom had like three outfits to wear to my wedding, too!! Haha! She just couldn't decide until the day of!!

    WOOHOO for sending out your invites! That felt amazing, I'm sure!!

  4. Hey Jasmine can you email me at kamiestahley@gmail.com so I can send you your stickers-for some reason I can't find your email address?

  5. I love that you and your girls will be getting manis and pedis together! My MOH and myself went for a little spa day a few days before, it was wonderful!

    Havent seen Bridesmaids yet...really want to! :) Congrats on getting the invites out!

  6. awesome! Gotta love the President invitation! I displayed our response card from him in a frame at the wedding!


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