Okay, first things first. The progress on my to-do list has been continuing. Here it is:

Monday AKA today:
1. Go to the mall to pick up our engraved wine glasses for our wine box ceremony and have my name and wedding date embroidered on a piece of fabric for my dress and look for a rehearsal dinner dress
2. Spray paint all the table frames, add some sparkles and make "The songs requested at your table are" signs (which reminds me I still have to show you all our invitations...
3. Try to buy easels for our table numbers
4. Email our officiant and make sure things are set - tell him our readings and vows
5. Reschedule our final dance class since we can't go on Friday
6. Finish our love banner

1. Write thank you cards for gifts we've been receiving
2. Order escort cards pictures
3. Call the photo booth company and order the plastic sleeves for the photo strips
4. Make small labels for said photo booth plastic sleeves THE PHOTO BOOTH COMPANY DOES THIS FOR US ;)
5. Burn our ceremony music onto a CD
6. Make our photo booth, guestbook and card box signs
7. Blog about the fiasco that was the engraved wine glasses

1. Crop pictures and create escort cards
2. Wrap bridal party gifts
3. Meet with our DJ and finalize all our song choices
4. Paint Mr. and Mrs. and Thank and You signs
5. Get our marriage license
6. Assuming we hear back from the people we've contacted because we haven't received their RSVP - finish our seating chart
7. Blog about our invitations

1. Write names on escort cards
2. Alphabetize and make master lists of the seating chart for the venue
3. Get some frames and print some engagement pictures
4. Blog about any DIY projects (hopefully they'll be done!)

1. Finish anything that didn't get done
2. Manicure and pedicure
3. Get hair cut and colored

1. Finish anything that didn't get done

1. Last dance class
2. Hair trial

I know it doesn't look like I got a lot done today but I did lots of stuff that wasn't on the to-do list. And rather than add it to the list... just to cross it off -- I'm keeping mental notes of all the things I've done on the side. Trust me... it's a lot. For instance, I couldn't wrap the bridal party gifts because I had nothing to wrap them IN so I bought all the wrapping paper, tissue bags, and gift bags today. By the time I got home there was no time to wrap. See? Basically, it goes on like that for lots of things. And we're getting our marriage license tomorrow. ;)

Now, did you notice I crossed off "blog about my invitations"... well, here ya go:

Maybe you remember that I wasn't the happiest bride to-be when these arrived? But they slowly grew on me. And now, I thoroughly enjoy them and I'm happy with how they look. The response I got from people who received them was really positive and some seem to like them so much they still haven't mailed back their RSVP. ;)

Of course, everything went inside a white envelope that I didn't take a picture of because well, it was a white envelope. And we sent along a self-addressed, stamped enveloped for the response but I didn't take a picture of it because I'm a little lazy to blur out the address. But just know that we decided to have the envelope addressed to "The Future Mr. and Mrs. Duffy" and it was probably my favorite thing, ever.

That's all for now.


  1. I like them! simple and sweet and the future mr and mrs thing is adorable ;)

  2. I love them and I love the D in the circle and with the lines going acrossed. Its simple yet very chic.

    PS about the peonies...ours only lasted about two weeks, the weather was too hot. But Im sure they will bloom next yr for you...sorry they didnt this yr. <3

    WOw 24 days and counting...so exciting!! <3

  3. they look fantastic! I agree with the above "simple yet very chic". great job, looks like you're getting a ton of stuff done to check off the "to do" list!

  4. I agree that they are beautiful..simple yet classic! I also love the pocket fold and want something siliar for ours since we will also be including an accommodation and directions card along with the invitation and rsvp card.

  5. Wow...you have been ONE BUSY GIRL!! And I love your invitations! So adorable!


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