Handfasting Ceremony

Some things Sean and I talked about early in the planning process regarding our ceremony was that we want it to be short (sorry!) and we want it to be meaningful (right?).

Neither of us are religious. A Catholic mass is out of the situation since we weren't confirmed and I just thought it would be easy for the ceremony and the reception to be in the same place. So it was decided.

Next, we met with our officiant who brought lots of different ideas to us about stuff we could do during our ceremony. I love the rose ceremony, and the sand ceremony and all those different things couples do but I wanted to do something that I've never seen done at a wedding.

So, when he mentioned the Handfasting ceremony we knew we needed it at our ceremony.

If you've never seen it done, or heard about what it is -- it's the ceremony that is the origin behind the phrase "tying the knot".


I found this website: My Spiritual Wedding. Basically they sum it up perfectly.

"The Handfasting Ceremony is an ancient Celtic tradition symbolizing the joining of two people in marriage. There are many versions of this gesture illustrating the union of husband and wife and is the origin of the phrase "tying the knot"... First, the officiant asks the couple to hold hands or place them side by side, then places the handfasting ribbons around the hands and wrists to "join" the couple."

I mean, come on! We need this because it's amazing and because we're going to Ireland for our honeymoon. It just fits!

You can pick the ribbons you want to use and each color ribbon represents something special you want in your marriage.
  • Red: passion, strength, lust, fertility
  • Orange: encouragement, attraction, kindness, plenty
  • Yellow: charm, confidence, joy, balance
  • Green: finances, fertility, charity, prosperity, health
  • Blue: tranquility, patience, devotion, sincerity
  • Purple: Power, piety, sanctity, sentimentality
  • Black: strength, wisdom, vision, success
  • White: purity, concentration, meditation, peace
  • Gray: neutrality, canceling, balance
  • Pink: unity, honor, truth, romance, happiness
  • Brown: earth, grounding, talent, telepathy, home
  • Silver: treasure, values, creativity, inspiration
  • Gold: energy, wealth, intelligence, longevity
I thought about making our own ribbon kit... just going to stores and buying ribbon but time got away from me. And honestly, I don't want to choose the colors. Maybe, I'm greedy but I want ALL this stuff in my marriage. Wouldn't you?!

So when I found the website My Spiritual Wedding and saw that they sell the Handfasting ribbon kits for $20... I bought it. I turned away from DIY... and I'm proud.

I placed my order Wednesday and got it on Friday. It's perfect... it came with a sweet note and suggested readings that go along with the ceremony, a guide to all the colors and it came in a cute little mesh bag. It's amazing. And I'm so excited!



  1. this is really awesome.
    i like it a lot!!!


  2. Ive never heard of it..sounds cool!

  3. how original! i read about that on weddzilla the other day and thought it was cool. i cant wait to see pics of ya'll at the ceremony doing this!

  4. wow! what a neat idea! excellent choice!


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