So yesterday, I made Sean bring me to TJ Maxx because I wanted to find a cute shirt. And while I was browsing the racks he found his way to the register (where they always put those eye-catchers that make you buy more things at the last minute). Check out what he found...

;) the funniest part of Sean finding this book (other than him reading almost the entire thing while I was searching for a shirt) is that when we went to check out he actually bought it.

That's right. He owns it now. And let me tell you -- it's going to come in handy.

It has some really good lessons. For example:

"How to remember things men don't remember"
"How to survive shopping together"
"How to grocery shop in less than 30 minutes"
"How to fold clothes"
"Five great, classy dates"
"How to make the bed"
"10 things every married man should have"
"How to make decisions"

Hysterical. I'm telling you. But as far as I can tell -- it's pretty legit. Told in a comical way, of course.

And while we were walking around Sean said to me, "wouldn't this book be so funny to blog about?"

Oh yes, yes it is. ;)


  1. Hahah awesome will buy it for my future husby asap...:-)

  2. ahh! i love it! once he's done he needs to pass it on to mathew ;)

  3. Haha that's adorable! Sounds like some very good lessons in there!

  4. too cute! i may need to find a copy for the hub-to-be.


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