I was getting a little nervous...

Our honeymoon is about three weeks after our wedding and because we're leaving these here United States we need passports.

A few months ago, I searched for mine and success was had.

Sean seemed to think it was okay not to search for his... =)

But eventually got around to it and realized -- hmm, he had no idea where it was...

After a few more weeks he got around to applying for a passport. And after five more weeks the U.S. government notified him that "his picture had been damaged in the mail and he needed to send a new one". WHAT?! It took them five weeks to let us know this?!

I was nervous! Because the day is coming that we need that important little booklet and the wait time for passports is just one of those things... could take two weeks... it could take three months! Ya know?

But! Check out what came in the mail this morning!

Now, we're both ready! ;)


  1. i got nervous just reading that! i'm glad he got his in on time! phew!

  2. yay for getting them! Phew! Just out of curiosity- did you get a passport with your current last name or what will be your married last name? (If you're taking his name..)


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