Lots to do.

As an end of year gift the parents of the kids in my class gave me a gift card to Macy's and this beautiful Vera Wang frame:

I think it'll be perfect for an engagement picture at the wedding! And of course, I'll put a wedding picture inside afterward. =) It was so sweet of them.

Since school is done, except for some end of year meetings -- I have some time to re-think, re-organize and figure out what the heck I WE should be doing between now and July 16th.

Here it is so far [Sean's helping with anything italicized]:

- confirm all vendors (send photo list to photographer, check on flowers, song list to DJ, check arrival times with everyone, order plastic sleeves from photobooth company, etc.) and pay all vendors
- pick-up dress and have my final fitting [7.01]
- final hair trial [6.26]
- get some type of "tan"
- make sure my something borrowed jewelry matches my dress
- practice walking in those heels... and dancing our dance

For Thursday, July 14th -

- send out rehearsal dinner invites
- buy outfits for myself & Sean for the rehearsal/dinner
- wrap all gifts: for parents, and for bridal party
- pick-up tuxes
- bring "EVERYTHING" to venue
- final payment due to the venue

For Friday, July 15th -

- confirm nail appointments
- get snacks and beverages to bring to nail salon
- pack for hotel
- check into hotel
- put together playlists to listen to

For Saturday, July 16th -

- marriage license
- wine box ceremony: bottle of wine, wine glasses (engraved), love letters
- finalize vows
- finalize readings
- burn music CD to play
- buy Sean an inexpensive "fake" ring
- get my name and wedding date stitched (in blue) into my dress

Cocktail hour:
- escort cards: edit pictures, print pictures, buy envelopes, address envelopes, make stands, arrange alphabetically
- buy a few picture frames to display our engagement pictures
- put together signs (already have the frames): guitar guest book and card box
- paint Mr. and Mrs. wooden signs & Thank You signs

- finish love banner
- buy 16 wooden frames: spray paint and write little blurbs about us to be displayed on each table
- buy stands for table numbers
- put together sign about the photobooth
- seating chart (alphabetized including meal choices)

It seems as though the to-do lists are just growing... even though things are getting accomplished. It's probably going to be like this for the next few weeks. It's exciting though!


  1. Don't forget the Champagne for while you get your nails done. A girl friend of mine did this at her nail appointment with friends and this was such a great idea!!!

  2. WOW you are getting there! SO close!!

  3. We can do it! I wrote about the to do list today to :) We July brides will survive!

  4. your list will definitely grow and then you know what? your list is just done. the only thing on my list right now? Order and write thank you cards. It's a beautiful thing :)


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