Not so DIY... anymore.

Okay, I know I've been engaged for 20 months forever. And you're probably thinking... "20 months... you should have had plenty of time to do DIY-projects". But before you judge: hear me out.

When I got engaged I had visions of ceremony programs, escort cards, fan favors, tissue pom-poms, wooden signs, framed engagement pictures, gerbera daisies, feather boutonnieres, menus, i spy games, cootie catcher ice breaker games -- I mean the list could go on and on. And most of it, were things I could have done myself (or with family).

But over the last 20 months, I've seen lots of things - some stuck out at me and I still want them at our wedding and others just kind of faded away.

For instance, the feather boutonnieres were impractical because mini calla lilies are included in our flower budget. The fan favors were unnecessary since we booked a photobooth and the pictures act as guest favors. Tissue pom-poms were at my bridal shower and that's how I want to remember them. See? Things just kind of went away -- and I'm absolutely fine with that.

And then, a few weeks ago, I was figuring out our must have photo list and I knew that Jacin over at Lovely Little Details has a list of ideas for this very thing. So I went over there and read her other tips for brides. And you know what she says?: It's okay to say "No" to DIY.

;) and that just puts a smile on my face.

Because, yes! I wanted ceremony programs. And yes, I think they are cute and helpful and something for guests to read. But are they going to appreciate the time and energy put into them? Honestly, probably not [do I blame them? no]. And that will really upset me. So, I'm not doing them.

And yes, I wanted matching menus. But guess what? Our venue does them... for "nothing" (I'm sure we're paying for them somewhere). And they look really nice and they'll tuck them into the napkin just how I wanted. So, thanks very much. Now I don't have to do them.

And, I wanted out of town bags. But it's not really practical because lots of people didn't book through our room block. So, I don't actually know who's staying and I don't want to miss anyone. So I'm not doing them and I'm okay with that, too. I think they're so cute and love them and if I was having a destination wedding or a wedding someplace where everyone was visiting and didn't know the area -- I would still be all over them. But, it's not case.

And, the list kind of goes on like that. Please, don't be disappointed.

You see... I'm still doing a lot. I'm still doing escort cards, and wooden signs, and black frames, and the photobooth will be adorable and our guest book is gorgeous and there will be a lot of personal touches. But it won't be plethora of things I had originally thought about 20 months ago.

Are we still DIY friends?

But anyways, not only does today mark ONE MONTH until our wedding BUT it marks the deadline for our RSVPs -- and we're still missing about 30 responses [most of which have a guest... so read: 60 people]. ;)

What are the chances of having all 30 in the mailbox this afternoon?!


  1. O Jasmine! Yes it is ok not to DIY every single thing as long as you are ok with it!! Also I hear you on the RSVP's you may have to call some people- that's what we ended up doing!

  2. i did the EXACT same thing!!!
    i hope people send their RSVP's soon :)
    good luck with everything!
    1 month will go by so quickly!


  3. I let several things go as it got closer too...some things just aren't worth your time especially if you are the only one who will appreciate them!!

    Our wedding was perfect! We didn't do menus; I hand-wrote my placecards on generic ivory stock because my printer was failing me and I said "screw technology"; we didn't throw rice when we left the church; we didn't have an aisle runner; AND we never did a signature drink or bar menu..and there's more I'm just not thinking of.

    And still, our day was everything we dreamed it would be. The church ceremony was the most special part...after that it was one giant party. You will love your wedding day because you are marrying Sean...not because you did some DIY project. :-D

    So excited for you!!

    P.S. I gotta get on my re-caps!!

  4. Oh lovely girl it is perfectly ok! I have let go of alot of my DIY plans myself and have purchased some things just because honestly I think I have DIYed myself out lol!

    Your wedding will be fabulous and I am so excited to see the photos :)

  5. By the Time I get married I would be engaged about 20 months too....and well I been looking at DIY and some places are actually cheaper if I just order them...hmm...

  6. I think its great and I totally am with you on this one. At first I wanted all the same things, even was thinking of doing bathroom baskets with supplies for our guests and then I was like..why waste the money on that..people barely use that stuff and they will think the venue provided it instead..lol. Too much DIY can be overkill sometimes and its sad that alot of the details that mean so much to us mean NOTHING to our guests.

  7. honestly...it's ok to not be a DIY freak. i'm not really sure why it's such a big deal in the blogging world tbh. i've done a few small projects here and there but nothing crazy. like you said, your guests won't appreciate the stuff as much as you will, and i don't even think they'll mind that the menus are different ;)

  8. well written! I had to say "no" to some DIY too..in the end, it wasnt' worth the stress and the things that you already have done are so impressive! Not everything has to be DIY.

  9. it is perfectly ok and it will come out perfect (with even less stress!) :)

    good luck lovely lady!!


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