Paper Source Stamps

When we had our final details meeting last weekend, our wedding coordinator mentioned that it's usually a good idea to remind people of their meal choice by writing it lightly on the back of their escort card. Well... I went a step further. ;)

At Paper Source (have you been?!) they have these stamps:

...which we purchased today. ;)

And I plan on stamping the back of the escort cards. I don't think we'd necessarily have to write "beef" or "chicken" underneath but we were testing them out.

I like the black better... but the pink is really cute. So I think I'll use the black for all the options except for the kids meals (the chick!) -- and I'll use the pink ink for all the kids meals.

31 days!


  1. Those are so cute and yes people always forget what they order!

  2. So cute! What a neat little touch!!

  3. that's adorable! also, i love how many options you have for your guests! that's awesome :)


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