A quick update


- I had my first dress fitting today. It was so exciting and fun and I love putting on my dress. It was decided the dress needs to be taken in a bit at the top and I need a bustle. But the length is perfect with my shoes. ;)

- Since the length is perfect I really need to start practicing walking in my shoes....

- We had our final details meeting today and I feel a lot less stressed. We talked logistics, food and money (eek!).

- I really want to have a signature drink (that's pink!) but don't actually drink much alcohol -- so I'm not too familiar with fancy drinks. Any ideas?

- Sean is tabbing out the song that I'll use to walk down the aisle. ;) it's beautiful!

That's it, for now.


  1. i'm so excited for all the fun wedding stuff you're doing! i'm all for the signature drink too! it'd be so cute :) maybe a pink punch instead of liquor?

  2. I'm so excited for you! :) It's getting so CLOSE!


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