Yesterday was the day we listed on our response cards to "kindly respond on or by".

I told you I was waiting for about 30 responses. Well I made a special trip to my parents house (where the RSVPs are being mailed to) because I wanted to check the mailbox and there were only 4. Four. Not 30...

But along with the 4... came this:

On the deadline, no less. ;)


  1. at least we know the oval office is punctual! lol! I am waiting for quite a few too and our postal service is one strike so I think I will have to start calling soon..booo

  2. Yea, we had a lot of responses come in waayy after the response date. Yay for the White House response!

  3. Wow! That's so nice! Maybe I'll invite the Obamas now. :) And good luck tracking down those last few RSVPs!

  4. That is just so AWESOME!!!! So...are they coming??? ;-)

  5. SO cool! I love it! I hope those responses come in this weekend! Then you may have to call those last stragglers.

  6. haha well at least it was on the deadline! that's too funny :)


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