We're in the teens.

The teens, ladies. That means less than 20 days until the big one. Crazy? Yes.

Last Thursday, was our four year anniversary. ;) and how fitting that we went to the town hall and filed for our marriage license on the same day?!

This has to be quick, because I'm super exhausted -- remember how I told you I started an intense training program this week. Well, today was the first day. It takes 1.5 hours to get there, it lasts for 9 hours and then takes almost 2 hours to get home. :( but it's enjoyable and without the commute it'd be perfect.

I'm trying to think of things that I've been doing... and honestly -- there's so much it's hard to remember. I don't know that I'll have time this week to show all the DIY projects but hopefully this weekend there will be time.



  1. ahhh it is so close!! Can't wait to see pictures of the final results of all that hard work!

  2. get some sleep and all will be better! our big days are coming so fast now :)

  3. so exciting :) and congrats on your anniversary!


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