I've had a very busy week/weekend.

I got my nails done yesterday:

Bright? :) Well, I think they are very "bachelorette party" worthy -- which is exactly what I did this weekend! We went into Boston and stayed at the Onyx Hotel ate lots and lots and saw an improv show -- which was probably one of the funniest things I've ever seen! It was so much fun and I'm so glad I was able to go!

Also! I finally had success at finding a rehearsal dinner dress (and jewelry to match!):

And the shoes:

Remember how excited I was to check the 10 day weather forecast?! Well, that stupid app stressed me out for 3 days when it kept showing this:

See that? That 60% chance of rain and lightning bolt icon. WELL, luckily that has since changed to sunny with a 20% chance of rain. Ughhh. I just need to stop checking....

Sean started giving me my wedding presents ;) the first one:

It's a book he specifically made (words and pictures). It's the cutest thing and one day (soon) I'm going to do a in-depth post about it because it's really amazing!

It definitely feels like the wedding festivities have begun. It's busy and hard to keep up. But fun. Really fun.


  1. So cute! Love your dress! I bet you're getting so excited! :)

  2. I hope you had a fabulous time at your bachelorette. And don't stress out about the weather..it is so unpredictable...check 2 days before. Have a wonderful week! :-)

  3. Wow quite the bust weekend. I love the rehersal outfit! and the shoes are SO cute! Hope you had a fabulous time at your bachelorette :)

  4. How exciting! You are so close!! Loving those bright pink nails and your rehearsal dress- gorgeous! Can't wait to see that book- how incredibly sweet!

  5. Pretty nails and what a SWEET book he made. To stinkin cute!! Less than one week!!!!

  6. yay! aww that is sooo cute, I cant' wait to hear all about that book. LOVE your nails and your rehearsal dinner dress, so exciting!!

  7. What a sweet book <3 I cant wait to see more of it!! So happy for you! I love the pink nails for the party! And what a great dress and shoes...beautiful! YAY!!


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