Catch-up & framed signs

3 days away. We may have to do this in bullet form:

- I woke up Sunday/Morning morning at 1 AM and couldn't close my EYE! A 3 hour trip to the emergency room (that's right, during wedding week!) concluded I scratched my cornea. WHAT THE HECK!? Thankfully (luckily?) the antibiotics are done and the eye looks as good as new!

- We have a couples massage scheduled for today!

- We picked up Sean's tux on Monday and it looks great! A couple things were long/short, big/small but they were able to fix it right then and there.

- My dress is being picked up today. :)

Now here are some DIY projects?

I wanted table frames for our photo booth, our guest book, and our card box.

I bought frames from Michaels, they were on sale for cheap, and then just printed signs off the computer. I decided to write the same thing in English and in Spanish since half my family speaks both. :)

Sean's friend/groomsman made us a guitar guest book. Here it is a few weeks ago... (not finished yet):

And lastly:

I thought it'd be cute to have a guitar case to put all wedding cards in...


Busy! Busy!


  1. O no your poor eye! Glad it is all better!! Have fun at your couples massage- that sounds amazing! Loving your diy projects especially the guitar guest book-how unique!! You are getting so close my dear, enjoy it1

  2. So very cute, I love the guitar case. Your making me think I need a little something more creative! Glad your eye was okay, I can only imagine the panic you must have felt, but sooooo glad it got better just in time!!


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