I'm proud to say that Sean and I have officially "graduated" from our dance class. This is not to say that after our first dance we'll be able to audition for Dancing with the stars. No, no.

I'm pretty horrible. I'm a bad listener, I forced myself not to lead and I have no coordination. For real. Sean's pretty great. :)

We're slowing confirming vendors, and paying them so that they show up on the 16th.

It's pretty stressful & weird.

That's all for now.


  1. yeah ballroom is definitely not easy! one of our groomsmen is a ballroom dance teacher and is giving us free lessons. it's really hard not to help lead! glad you two graduated from the class though :) yay!

  2. YAY! We had talked about taking dance lessons too since neither one of us has any dance coordination. Do you suggest it?? Did you learn enough do you think??

  3. ohh you guys took dance classes? Do you guys have some sort of dance set up for your first dance? I wonder if I should do that too? My fiance is a horrible dancer..haha


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