The hotel room.

We had our rehearsal & dinner on Thursday and the girls got their nails done on Friday afternoon... and quickly after, we went to the hotel to check-in.

And that's where we had a little incident. At the time... a few tears were shed (out of frustration!) but looking back it really wasn't a big deal. See -- we had booked the girls a suite for Friday night AND the boys a suite for Friday night. Turns out -- the hotel doesn't actually have "suites" as much as they have "business suites" (even though they claimed they did), but there's a difference.

Especially when you're looking for space for 8 people to sleep and get ready the next day! So it was a little issue to change rooms. We ended up getting the girls adjoining rooms and the boys adjoining rooms and it worked out very well.

My bridesmaids were pretty sneaky and ended up having the room decorated after the fiasco. It was perfect.

After hanging out and relaxing for a while, I took a shower crawled into bed and guess what was on the movie channel?... Eclipse. It was true perfection.


  1. That is so cute! :) I'm glad everything worked out for you! I love your nails too... and that is so cool how they closed the store down for you! :)

  2. Love it- so cute how they decorated!! Can you say lucky--Eclipse!!

  3. Super cute! Glad everything worked out and you didn't have to sleep in a business suite! :)


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