The morning of...

I told you all about our rehearsal dinner, our date at the nail salon and our hotel set-up... and now here's--

the morning of...

...the wedding I woke up really early. Way too early, actually. I had nothing to do but just lay there and be excited. So, that's exactly what I did... while watching Fresh Prince. :)

I wasn't nervous. I don't think I got nervous until later...

I just wanted "things" to start... like hair & make-up & mostly just putting on my dress... just getting married!

The girls left the hotel room to get their hair done so it was just me. It was really relaxing and I watched tv and moved around the hotel furniture until the girls doing our make-up arrived.

Here are some pictures of the BM hair:

Once the girls got back... things moved quickly. Maybe, too quickly?

Soon, the room was filled with music, chatting and laughter. And my hair started!

After my hair was all ready to go I ate lunch. I was starving!

And then, it was time to get my makeup done. :)

After all my hair and makeup was done... we took pictures!

And suddenly, it was time to get on the shuttle!...


  1. Yay so exciting! It's like i'm living through the experience and can't wait to see the rest of your recap of the day!!!


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