Our rehearsal dinner and wedding party gifts!

I must preface this post with a side note: Apparently, I've developed an ulcer in my left eye. And so I'm looking at my computer one-eyed. Crazy? I know. Because of this, I had to miss school today... even though I only have 3 days left. It's more of an inconvenience than anything else. I can't drive, be outside, see the sun, wear contacts, etc., etc., etc. But anyways...

Our rehearsal & rehearsal dinner was last Thursday.

My matron & maid of honor!

Here's the whole wedding party... yah, it's pretty hard to get a shot of 16 people where everyone is looking (at the same camera) & smiling...

Dinner was really fun! It was also the place where we gave everyone their gifts!

For the bridesmaids... I may have gone a little overboard. Some things are just so cute! And I had to get them. Here goes...

These bags were really cute. I think they're from Target? They were purchased months ago and were the perfect size for all the girls to carry around the morning of!

My mom made these gift tags. They were so pretty and embossed with glitter so that instantly makes everything more wedding-ish.

I'm so forgetful and forgot to take pictures of the jewelry before it was wrapped [I'll point it out once pictures are posted]. But each of the girls got the same pearl necklace, and I tried to get all different pearl earrings but Kohls didn't have that many pairs. So, a few girls got the same ones. But let me tell you - jewelry from Kohls is totally the way to go. It's inexpensive to begin with and almost ALWAYS on sale.

I knew I wanted those pictures of the bridesmaid dresses hanging with my dress. So, I bought enough pink hangers to do so! And I thought I'd add it to the gift bag because it was bright pink?

My aunt offered to make these shoe bags for each of the girls. And they were PERFECT. I filled the shoe bags with metallic-sliver flip flips from Old Navy and I think the girls enjoyed changing their shoes after the ceremony. :)

I'm really lucky because another one of my aunts works at a salon and gets samples of so much stuff ALL THE TIME. And I don't know any girl who doesn't enjoy getting all the cute little stocking stuffer/sample things. So...

I found this back massager at Bath & Body Works and it was pink and cute so they all got one. :)

If you live by a Christmas Tree Shoppe... that's where all this stuff is from. I got the foot spa stuff in case their bridesmaid shoes killed their feet. The shoes were pretty high...

Lastly, Sean's band is sponsored by Monogram Apparel and they have cute neon sunglasses that I thought would be perfect to take fun wedding party pictures in. So, everyone got a pair!

I have to admit, the groomsmen didn't really make out as well. But it's because of what they got and boys aren't really easy to shop for?

Of course, they got pink and black gift packaging. Not that they necessarily noticed... :)

And gift tags...

And they each got the shoes Sean wanted them to wear during the wedding and pink socks. Do you remember We love colors?

And they each got sunglasses, too!



  1. Wow I bet your girls loved it! I am so sorry to hear about your eye!

  2. Very cute giftbags full of awesome goodies! And I'm with ya..the girls presents will be fun and easy but I can't for the life of me think what to do for the boys!

  3. Lucky Bridesmaids!!! I love the idea of those hangers for the bm dresses! clever girl :)

  4. Those are very cute gift ideas!!! :) I love it!

  5. I loove the name tags! You did a great job with your gift bags!

  6. Loved every gift you gave us! I use my bag every day to bring my belongings to work :) love u!

  7. Loved everything you gave us! I use the bag everyday! Thank you again!! Such a great time! Love u

  8. The gifts were perfect! I have used almost all my samples...the shampoo/conditioner= amazing! Thanks so much for letting me part of your day! Love you

  9. Those wedding party gifts look so cute!

  10. Looks like some great gifts for both...cant wait to see the guys in their pink socks! :)

  11. Such great gifts!!! I love the hanger idea!

  12. fantastic gifts! my girls def. made out better than the boys too..girls are just so much easier. I'm sure everyone LOVED their stuff.

    P.S. my husband just had an ulcer on his eye too!! I didn't even know you could get an ulcer on your eye until recently!


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