Purchases, dancing & weather

I went to the mall in search of a rehearsal dinner dress and got sidetracked by my coupons for Victoria's Secret. Of course, the coupons didn't end up helping me at all since they were those tricky ones that only let you do this or that in a specific way. But, I was pretty excited with my purchases. :)

We're still waiting for our diploma from dance class. I got some questions after my last post and I have to admit that I loved going to dance with Sean. I've never taken dance -- ever. It's really not my thing. I learned a lot and it was really fun to go together and have something fun to do that didn't really seem like "wedding planning" -- while we did it... but in actuality it was something wedding related that Sean participated in 100%.

I would definitely suggest doing it. Even if you both know how to dance. We were horrible in the beginning. And now I feel more confident. Not to say that I'm a pro -- far from it. I'll probably still forget what to do and lead the way... but at least I learned that's my personality. :)

Tomorrow marks a big day. Wanna know why?

Well, not only does our countdown switch to SINGLE-DIGITS -- BUT!

The 10 day weather forecast will finally show what will be going on with mother nature on 16th. Oh yeah. BIG DAY.


  1. gotta love the elusive 10 day forecast! i'm sure the weather will be perfect :) ps..love the VS stuff you got! so cute :)

  2. WHOHOOOO single digits! And I'm loving the new purchases. Thanks for the info regarding the dancing..I think we will definitely look into it since we are soooo not dance worthy!

  3. wonderful and adorable purchases! Hopefully the weather will cooperate! so exciting...I cannot imagine the feeling knowing you are almost there for your day!


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