Waiting around...

After I got all dressed and ready, there was still a good amount of time until the ceremony start time. Originally, Sean and I were planning on doing a first look. But the day before the wedding we decided that we wouldn't do that. Honestly, I thought I would really want those pictures but the feeling of waiting to see him was much better. :)

And because we had "scheduled" our first look in the early afternoon we had some free time. So I took pictures:

my bridesmaids (all my cousins) and my grandma.

me and my mom.

me and my dad.

After about an hour of waiting around, taking pictures, and pacing -- I realized... I had to pee. So, I literally jumped out of my dress:

And then, jumped back in :)

Tomorrow: the ceremony!


  1. lol i love that you left your dress there to go pee. i'll probably do the same. the thought of someone helping me and standing right next to me just sounds gross lol. btw, i LOVE you in your dress! it's perfect for you!

  2. You look gorgeous!! So funny that you jumped out of your dress to pee and I'm glad they took a picture!!

  3. your dress was darling!!!! :)

  4. Haha the pic of the dress slumped over cracks me up. I remember having to help my sister pee once she had put her dress on. It was quite a production! LOL!


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