2 things...

First: I wanted to share this photo because it's a great picture of my MOH's and a perfect shot of the pearl necklace that I gave to all the girls. Maybe you remember, that the gifts were already wrapped when I realized I didn't take a picture of them!

Secondly: I wanted to share a picture of Sean and I. I can assume (because of where the picture is located on the disk) that it's taken toward the end of the night, during the last song which was:

If nothing else, I ALWAYS knew the last song of the night absolutely HAD to be this song. And it was a great way to end the reception!



  1. Cutest couple ever! What a perfect song too!

  2. Cute necklaces! That is our last song too! It's the perfect song to end the night! Plus who doesn't love Dirty Dancing?!


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