Escort Cards

A while back, I told you all about our table numbers:

And how we took pictures with them in Maine (where we got engaged!):

And I told you about these rubber stamps from Paper Source (because our venue told us it was a good idea to remind guests of their food choice):

And I also bought a "You are seated at" stamp and numbers (well, quite honestly -- my mom bought them)...

But this is how "we" put them together. And I say "we" because my mom actually did this for me. It was overwhelming haha.

So here we go!

These are the insides of the escort cards. They are tent cards... so the top part says "You are seated at" with the correct number and in the picture on the bottom we're holding the table number that corresponds with where they're sitting! (I printed wallet-sized photos).

Here are the opposite sides of the tent cards, so what you see is the front of the card (on top but upside down) which says the guest's name and the bottom of the card with the stamp of their (plus their date's) preferred food choice(s)!

And here are some pictures of the cards all set up during cocktail hour.



  1. O I love them!! How cute are they??

  2. I love reading your blog, it gives me a sense of relief and inspiration as I am planning my November wedding. Inspiration as in I can get through with all of this. Your escort cards were so creative :)

  3. Wow if my chalkboard seating menu doesn't work I may steal this idea ;-)

  4. They came out awesome!! So creative that you guys took the pics..I just love that!


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