We rented a photo booth from Shutter Booth Boston for our reception and it was a hit. Everyone enjoyed it and it was so much fun!

At each place setting, we had these frames and inserts thanking our guests and reminding them to use the photo booth as much as they'd like throughout the night!

Once they took their pictures, 2 strips of the photos printed out -- one for us, to be put in a scrapbook along with a message from the people in the photo -- and, one for them, to be put inside their frame and take home as a favor!

They are such a great idea! I know people said photo booths are "too popular" and "every wedding has one" but honestly, our guests weren't at every other wedding! And everyone said how much they enjoyed it and thought the idea was "unique"!

...with all my bridesmaids :)


  1. LOVE the photo booth idea! I loved it when I saw it at the bridal show! We almost got one for ours! :) Cute picture!

  2. Best idea ever!! That's why I stole it from you :)

  3. Every wedding I have been to with a photobooth has been SOOO Much fun and guests enjoy it sooo much. Plus what a great keepsake for you and Sean!

  4. i LOVE the idea to include the little frame for the picture too! I've never seen that...I def. think photo booths are a fun idea!


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