Honeymoon - day four.

On Thursday (which happened to be my favorite day!) we started out by driving north to our B&B in Donegal.

In the lobby of the Ashford Castle, I saw a brochure for a place that shows you how they teach dogs how to herd sheep. So clearly, I had to see this. On the way, we entered sheep county:

They were everywhere! And they come right up to the car!

When we got to the farm we were greeted by puppies!

After, we heard all about how the dogs learn to listen and herd the sheep (and we were assured these sheep aren't for eating... just sheering). At this farm the dogs aren't supposed to EVER touch the sheep so that keeps all the animals safe. It was pretty amazing & the farm had the most beautiful view!

We had also been wondering why all the sheep we had seen had paint on their backs and apparently it's a marking system so that farmers know whose sheep is whose.

The farm and one of his dogs was also in the movie, Marley & Me, so he had pictures with Jennifer Anniston around the house. It was neat and a great way to spend the morning!

Next, we drove further north to Westport to buy our wedding bands (that will be a whole other post!)

And finally got to our B&B which was my favorite one of the trip!

It was a perfect day!


  1. As the daughter of a retired sheep farmer I'm loving this post :) seeing the sheep & the puppies brings back many, many happy childhood memories!!!

  2. i love all the pictures! i want a puppy!! if not, i'd definitely take one of those adorable sheep hehe. looks like such a fun trip :)

  3. this looks so neat! what a great experience and what cute puppies!

  4. Aren't those sheep with the paint on their backs lovely.. They look like a football team :)


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