Honeymoon - day one.

We left for our honeymoon on a Sunday - about 3 weeks after our wedding. It turned out being a good amount of time between the wedding and the honeymoon because I had time to write and mail out all of our thank you cards before we left and we had plenty of time to pack.

We had an overnight flight from Boston to Dublin which meant we arrived in Ireland at 5AM (but really midnight for us). We were very excited!

After getting our luggage, we took a shuttle to the car rental place and picked up our car. We were worried that the car would be like the one in "Just Married". It was pretty close...

I've never been anywhere where people drive on the left side of the road. And it was so scary to me. I thought I was going to die. Everywhere we went. Every day. For real.

When we got our car we drove to our hotel, which was really close, thankfully -- since I really thought we were going to crash on the way...

When we arrived our room wasn't ready so we had breakfast and decided we didn't want to waste anytime and we wanted to get out and see stuff!... without having to drive that is!

So, we booked a Hop on/Hop off tour. It was really fun and a pretty neat idea. Basically you get on this bus with a ticket and the bus makes certain stops. You can get off at any stop... and when you're finished in that area you're able to get back on the bus (probably a different one than the one that dropped you off - they pass every 10 minutes, no matter where you are!) and then you continue on the tour. It was great, and easy and I'd recommend it because you get to sit back and take everything in.

We sat on the top deck. It rained on us... a little. We only got off twice -- we were exhausted by this time since weren't able to go to sleep on the plane and we literally hit the ground running once we landed.

We stopped to see the Viking Museum & the Guinness Storehouse.

I'm not a drinker by any means and I absolutely hate beer. But I have to admit the Guinness factory was pretty amazing. It reminded us of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. It was 8(?) floors about how they perfect Guinness. And, someone loved every single moment.

In one of the rooms they give you a sample:

And since this was my facial expression before it even touched my lips...

Sean was super excited to have two samples in his possession. :)

On the top floor they have something they call the Gravity Bar and with your admission ticket you can get a free pint of Guinness while overlooking all of Dublin.

When we got back to our hotel, it was around 2PM and we had officially been awake for longer than anybody should be and so we took a long nap. We were so exhausted!

When we woke up we wanted food and were surprised to find lots of the nearby pubs were closed or that they were only serving alcohol, no food. It was weird to us since around here... you can go into most bars and order food until last call. We thought we were going to starve... well I thought we were going to starve -- but we ended up eating at the hotel. I think I'll need an entire post about the food in Ireland. :)

Tomorrow I'll tell you about the castle we stayed at. Oh yeah, we stayed at a castle.


  1. I'm Irish & I HATE Guinness...only just beginning to drink beer, I can manage 2 pints of Carlsberg, before I get tipsy! Used to love Cider, but that doesn't agree with me anymore :( (two day hangovers).

    I tried driving on the right hand side of the road in the states last summer, it was so strange! I'm glad that the two of you survived Dublin drivers - they're the worst in the country that I've come across!

  2. What a fun first day, and my Gosh you must have been exhausted! Can't wait to hear more about that castle!


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