Honeymoon - day three.

On Wednesday, we started to drive south to Doolin for a 1-hour cruise to see the Cliffs of Moher.

Unfortunately, the weather wasn't cooperating and the water was a little okay, VERY MUCH dangerous. So our cruise was canceled :(

We still saw the Cliffs from the land though, and the whole thing was pretty amazing. Definitely a must see.

And, even though the water looked like that and it was raining and I looked like this:

Sean looked like this:

Apparently, he wasn't cold? :)

In the afternoon, we drove back north to Galway.

It was beautiful! I never got tired to seeing cows or sheep. We saw lots of sheep! Especially on Thursday!

More on that later!


  1. lol I would have looked like you Im sure! I am always cold! Thank you for the sweet comment abut my photo on the blog yesterday..I had a feeling you might like it after reding your blog yesterday ;)

  2. lol! Great pictures, would you believe, I'm yet to see the Cliffs of Moher? Nearly 28 years living in the country, and I've probably seen more of the rest of the world! Love the pictures, and Jasmine - I look like that pretty much most of the year here in Ireland. Irish weather really sucks sometimes :(

  3. Amazing pictures :) absolutely gorgeous!

  4. What beautiful lush green photos, I have always wanted to visit Ireland..such beautiful scenery.


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