Honeymoon - day two.

On Tuesday, we woke up and after breakfast began to drive west to the Ashford Castle. Driving in Ireland is amazing because of all the scenic views.

It's neat because you see things that you just know are really old -- probably.

It's pretty cool to be able to see your NEW last name all over the place:

But... driving in Ireland is scary because a road like this:

...is considered a TWO-WAY street. Whhhatt? And when someone comes and you meet head-on -- one of you has to back up (usually pretty far) to find a pull-off and let the other car pass. Scary. Oh, and the speed limit is fast.

When we got to the castle, we took lots of pictures:

We found out that we could go anywhere inside the castle that we wanted! So after dinner we looked all over the place:

Until I got creeped out because it was so old... :)

The castle was beautiful and so neat and had so much to do. We didn't actually do much since we were only there for a night but if we ever got a chance to go back we both think we'd take up more of the amenities. They have things like falconry, and horseback riding and lots more. They also had tons of restaurants and something called The Dungeon Bar. Pretty neat!


  1. I'm so jealous! I've been outside Ashford Castle, but never been in! And those country roads...grrr!!! I live in kind of the countryside, and every couple of days or so I'm on one of those kind of roads - NO one knows how to drive them properly, at least I don't think they do anyway!

  2. So green and so pretty...the castle is absolutely gorgeous! I looove "old" buildings. haha

  3. What a scary looking road!! But an amazing looking castle and honeymoon! So glad you had a wonderful time!! :)


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