No recap today... instead...

Today is a really special day. And since, we're in Ireland ON OUR HONEYMOON (yup, this is totally a pre-scheduled post) I'd like to stop our wedding recaps to acknowledge another couple's anniversary: my parents. :)

So, mom and daddy (who read my blog, pretty faithfully since I constantly ask them to read it and may or may not even have their emails notified when a new post is up), Happy 5th wedding anniversary.

Oh, yes. I said 5th.

The funny thing is, they've been together since high school -- but only decided to get married five years ago... oh, and their wedding was in Las Vegas. And about 40 family members and friends flew out to celebrate. It was so much fun!

Since, I can't seem to find a picture with the three of us from their wedding... I'll have to show you these:

2006: my mom, Chelsey & Brett (my MOH's), and myself

2006: my dad and I dancing

It really was so much fun. And I don't know many people who are able to say they were at their parent's wedding (at age 19)... other than if it's a second marriage or something.

So, since I'm away and can't celebrate in person -- please know, that I'm with you in spirit and say, congratulations, happy anniversary and thank you.



  1. aw i think it's cute that they stayed together so long before getting married! congratulations to them and have fun in ireland!

  2. Hope you guys are having fun in Ireland! I love this post, your parents look so cool & so sweet :)

    And I think a Vegas wedding is the coolest :)

  3. You're too cute! Thanks for the post. I look forward to reading your blog every morning with my coffee, it's one of my daily highlights! I miss you, but I'm so happy for you to be on your honeymoon!!! Oh and I think it's really cool that we were in each others weddings. I can send you a pic of the three of us. Love love love you!

  4. What a very special post!! Happy Anny to your mom and dad! Enjoy your honeymoon!!!


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