Our entrance.

We entered our reception to the Lion King's theme song :) and we were wearing the sunglasses we gave our wedding party as part of their gifts:

After I passed my flowers along, we began our first dance:

The song was "I love you because" by Johnny Cash:

And you know what? Remember those dance classes we spent our time and money on?? Well, we didn't use the lessons at all. But it's okay because we had fun and don't regret the time or money spent. But we decided right before our entrance that we would just move around and do a couple twirls -- and it worked out just perfectly. Honestly... my dress was too fluffy to dance like we practiced in class. We didn't really take that into consideration. So if you're taking classes make sure you think about "your look".

After our dance we went right to our sweet heart table -- notice our LOVE banner?

I think my favorite part of our table besides the love banner was that we used our toasting flutes from our wedding china! I loved seeing it on the table!



  1. I am loving all these posts :) I love the sunglasses you guys look adorable! Dave totally appreciates your hubbys hair too!

  2. I'm also loving the posts, keep them coming! And I love the first dance song, you can't go wrong with Johnny Cash!

  3. i adore how your banner turned out! it's really beautiful! your first dance pics btw, are sooo great! love them :)

  4. what a beautiful love banner! :-)

  5. I thought about that too..about taking the dance lessons and would we even remember any of the steps or would we be sooo nervous that it all went out with the wind and we forgot them!!! I love that you came in sporting the sunglasses...so fun!


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