Parent Dances

Yesterday I showed you a glimpse of my dad and I dancing at my parent's wedding in 2006.

Well, we danced together again at my wedding:

and we danced to this:

Right after that song ended we asked that the DJ invite Sean and his mom onto the dance floor with my dad and I:

and the four of us dance to this:

I know it's not traditional to have both parents dance at the same time but I felt really strongly about it. I don't even know why. But the DJ loved the idea when we brought it up to him and I enjoyed those extra few minutes with my dad :)

Slowly, the song faded out and my dad and I left the dance floor:

so that Sean could dance with his mom to this:



  1. Aww I love those pics, you just look so beautiful and happy.

  2. Aw! I love the songs, and love the pictures. What a really sweet idea having the four of ye dance together.


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