Response from the White House

I won't lie: I voted for Obama & I'm happy about it.

So, when Laura from Saying I do mentioned she sent a wedding invite to the president and that his office sent something back... I knew I wanted to do that, too!

When it arrived, we had extra black frames...

So, in it went!

And, it was displayed right in the middle of the table:

you can kind of see it, right? haha

But you know what? Even people who openly brag about not voting for Obama -- thought it was pretty cool that we had it. :)

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  1. I just think that's so awesome that you guys invited Obama, imagine if he'd turned up!!! I'm Irish, but if I was living in the states & a citizen, I soooo would have voted for him. As it was he was elected on my 25th birthday, BEST birthday present ever :D


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