After guests found their escort card telling them which table number they were sitting at they walked into the ballroom to find their table. On the table we had both the wooden plaque on an easel stand and a black frame with the same picture of us holding the plaque (except in a 4x6 frame) -- hopefully no one was confused!

Here are the frames:

Originally, they were all light wood (from Michaels, $1 each) and I spray painted them black. Then I covered them in mod podge and dipped (completely covering) them in black sparkles. After the sparkles kept falling off so I sprayed them with a sealant covering to keep the sparkles on.

This isn't the best angle of the sparkly frame (hopefully the professional pictures will capture it differently) but you get the idea? :)

Here's another one:



  1. The tables looks so cute. You guys (well you especially Jasmine!) really put a lot of thought & effort in to everything. And it all looks amazing!

  2. I really love how you personalized with the pictures of you guys holding the table numbers. The tables look great!!


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