Wedding Signs

So, I made Mr. & Mrs. signs as well as Thank & You signs. And while the signs above photograph really well -- up, close and personal they legit look like a 5-year old painted them. For real. I promise. My idea was to be able to take pictures holding them and I had to tell our photographer NOT to zoom in on these babies with his spiffy camera. He laughed.

And I have pictures of this project, but can't find them amongst the thousands of pictures on my flash drive. Oops.

Basically, I got wooden plaques and painted them white. Next, I found a font online and figured out the size I wanted the letters to be. Then I printed the words, cut them out (this took an extremely long time because the letters were so curvy) and then I traced the letters onto the plaque... and then painted them in.

But then, for the Thank & You signs, I skipped steps -- trimmed down the paper and mod podged the entire paper on the plaque. And you know what?

You couldn't even tell!

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  1. They look great..and love that word mod podged! LOL!


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