Guess what?

Hey, guess what?

You should go on over to Sparkles & Cheaterpants because the lovely Teeny blogged about this here blog. Did you see it? Pretty neat, huh? And, so so sweet. If you don't read her blog already, add it to your feed like, yesterday. First of all, she's really good about posting every day (something I'm so NOT good at!), and she's a fellow DIY-bride who is getting married in May of next year. She scrapbooks, has a dog, and takes amazing engagement pictures with her husband to-be Zac. Make sure to check her out! :)

In other news. I'm sick. So, so, so sick. The kind of sick that makes you promise yourself to never take your health for granted... again. It's awful. Luckily, I have a husband that brings me home supplies: reese peanut butter cups, coke, robotussin, and a get well card.

 I literally stayed in bed until 2pm at which time I realized I needed food so I dragged myself to Dairy Queen. What better way to soothe a sore throat than with soft serve? I also realized that the only time I wear my Planet Fitness t-shirt (that I got when I joined the gym in July) is when I throw it on to go to Dairy Queen. So, it was about time to do that again cause we all know I'm not bringing myself to the gym.

That's about all I can muster up right now. Maybe more tomorrow. I mean, I still have to tell you about my birthday, and the amazing wedding we went to last weekend!

PLUS, tomorrow (if you can believe it!) is our 2 month anniversary!, I have a bridal shower on Saturday and we have another wedding on Sunday. Busy, busy! Hopefully, this sickness goes away!


  1. Bleh! Colds seem to be going around...too cute of Sean to get you a card...so sweet that boy is! :)

  2. Awwww I hope you feel better...loving that the husby is taking care of you...isn't that the best!!! Ohhh thank for the blog rec...following like NOW! :-)

  3. Thanks for the shout-out Jasmine!

    Sorry to hear that you're sick! Hope you feel better really soon :)

  4. sorry you're sick! feel better! love the card the hubs got you. too cute! btw, love the irony of the planet fitness shirt and dq. good stuff!

  5. Get better soon - I'm off to check out Teeny's blog!


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