Happy Fall!

It's the first day of Fall!

I love fall clothes! Not that I like cold weather, but sometimes it's nice to wear a scarf and it's especially nice when you're wearing warm clothes because it's in the 50's compared to winter's negative digits.
These are some things I'm loving right now! (Some of which I already own...)

1. Jacket: Forever 21
2. Pants: New York & Company
3. Same jacket: Forever 21
4. & 5. Scarves: Forever 21
6. Hobo wallet: Lauren
7. Flats: Kohls
8. Sweater: Victoria's Secret
9. Boots: Uggs
10. Shirt: Forever 21
11. Jacket: Nordstrom

September is flying by! I'm happy (& slightly overwhelmed) to report that my DVR is filling up with new shows, I've officially applied to grad school, the classroom and children are in full swing, Sean's band is filming their new music video as I type, I'm twenty-five, I'm still using my planner as if I just bought it yesterday, our room is a complete disaster but I much prefer watching Friends and reading my google reader than cleaning, the laundry is piled high, our wedding bands arrived from Ireland TODAY (more on that later!), and I'm getting better and better at playing guitar each day. 



  1. Yipee!! And it sounds like you are enjoying married life a great deal!! So happy for you!!!


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