Honeymoon - day seven.

On the last day of our honeymoon, we woke up pretty early and headed straight to the airport. Apparently, when they tell you "to arrive 3.5 hours before your flight" they don't mean it because we did -- and they told us it was too early to check our luggage. 

The good part about having a good amount of time sitting at the airport bar is that we had plenty of time to make a slideshow of all our pictures from our entire trip! That way we weeded out all the moving fences while trying to capture scenic views and choosing only one (okay, a few) pictures of the same sheep rather than all fifteen. Our slideshow, which was a hit upon landing, was about 400 pictures out of our THOUSANDS. So, it wasn't all a waste of time. :)

Our flight was uneventful, which is exactly the kind of flight I enjoy. And we landed around 4PM Boston time.
And that was our honeymoon!


  1. I feel SO PRODUCTIVE when I'm organizing my pictures and making slideshows..so I would have really enjoyed that time too! Isn't the rule 2 hours before a flight? I've never heard 3 1/2!

  2. I do love an uneventful flight :) I like your new blog header. Sweet and simple :)

  3. 3.5 hours early, wow!! I always go to the airport about an hour before and then I still have time to wait at the gate. I just get so anxious when I am traveling that the less time I have to sit and wait and think about the flight, the better!


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