Marriage Monday!

I mentioned last week that I'm going to start a new weekly post titled: Marriage Monday!

It never occurred to me that it might be mistaken as meaning that Marriage is like a Monday... but then again, I don't really think Mondays are such a bad thing! Personally, I feel revived on Mondays, and enjoy the fact that the week is starting again. It's a sort of new beginning or a fresh start, if you will. And to me, that's exactly what marriage is: a new beginning. A new way of doing things and new way of seeing things. And  it's not only exciting but lucky! Just as lucky as being able to wake up on a Monday morning. :)

The first thing people ask you once you say you've just gotten married -- "how does it feel?". And honestly, it doesn't feel any different. Now, I can understand that if you hadn't lived together before the wedding -- of course, that would be a huge difference! But that wasn't the case for Sean and myself. We've together for almost three years. So in every way... when I say it doesn't feel any different -- it's completely the truth.

That's not to say things haven't changed. For instance here are 5 things I never thought about:

1. The pharmacy takes you much more seriously when you tell them you're picking up a prescription for a "wife" or a "husband" opposed to a "girlfriend/boyfriend/fiance". There are much less questions involved and no awkward stares.

2. Shopping for greeting cards (ex. birthday, holiday, anniversary) is much easier. There's a whole section devoted to husbands and/or wives. They're contained and labeled but a little cheesy. 

3. Shopping for a house/buying a car/opening a bank account. Again, people take you much more seriously when the words husband and/or wife are thrown into the conversation.

4. Signing your names becomes easier, and takes up less space IF you've changed your last name!

5. Explaining to your 4 and 5 year old students who you live with -- is much more comfortable when you're able to answer "my husband".

Of course, these are only a few. But doesn't it make you want to get married like yesterday? :)

PS - referring to said husband as "my husband" makes me laugh a little bit inside every time I hear it. Every.single.time.


  1. Hi Jasmine!

    My name is Teeny. I just wanted to say that I love reading your blog. :) I was hoping to write a post about your blog and I was just wondering if it would be okay to use images from your blog in the post. Feel free to email me at teenychapman@hotmail.com and check out my blog at http://sparklesandcheaterpants.blogspot.com/

  2. haha thats too funny, I used to hate saying the word boyfriend because it sounded so juvinille and I was afraid people would not take me seriously..now fiance just sounds weird, so I can't wait to join the "my husband" club!

  3. I love being marrieddddd! And yes, it's still so fun to say my husband, 11 months later!


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