Marriage Monday!

We're trying to plan our first official trip as "husband and wife". You know, because technically on the honeymoon we were NEWLYWEDS. :) Well, I suppose TECHNICALLY we're still newlyweds. But isn't it amazing how quickly people dismiss the fact that you JUST got married? You say you got married 2 months ago and people act like you're a pro! It's crazy.

But back to our potential vacation!

...So, what are we thinking??

The husband suggested:


 ...in December! Personally, I think that sounds like a perfect way to break up the cold New England winter and I'd love to spend the week before Christmas in a sunny and warm climate. -- I don't think I've ever done that!

So, any suggestions? Have you been to Aruba? Would it be a good place to celebrate our 5 MONTH anniversary?? :)


  1. Sounds amazing!!! :) I've only heard great things about Aruba!! GO :)

  2. ooo that photo looks lovely! I have never done a "warm" vacation!

  3. I haven't been but I hear it's perfect. Go for it!!

  4. Its amazing and literally one happy island!! I love love love it there!!

  5. I have never been to Aruba but Groomzilla has been a few times and just loves it. After the wedding, I plan to travel travel travel..then have babies..lol!

  6. sounds amazing! december in aruba will be great :) we'll be spending our week before christmas on our honeymoon in mexico, so it looks like you and i will both be in nice, warm climates!


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