Bad Blogger.

Okay, so I missed a few days. I haven't turned my computer on since Monday morning. Which means I'm definitely behind with my Google reader. :(

And, of course, I have so much to do (like ALL my homework & watch my DVR). So much to share. And I had a wonderful post for today. You know since I missed Marriage Monday. And, today is Wednesday and I would love to do a "What I'm loving Wednesday" post. 


I just got all comfy, you know -- to crawl into bed and write this awesome post that's been developing in my brain all day.


This... wanted to crawl into bed with me, too!

As you can imagine, I jumped out of bed and sent Sean an emergency 911 text message to come home right away!

I tried to kill it. I'm NOT a bug saver. And, of course, the slithery thing got away so I had to strip my WHOLE bed and it's currently in the washing machine. 

YES. It's already 9PM. And I usually go to bed at 10PM. But there is no way I can lay back down!

Could you?! Ahh. :(



    an earwig? wth! i'm freaking out through computer, i can't imagine how you felt.... uoasidfha UGH haha

  2. first off, OMFGosh. I'm not even sure what the heck kind of bug that is! Secondly, i'm with ya on the bad blogger. it's thursday night and i'm just NOW getting online for the first time this week. :(

  3. Ewww... I think a centipede :(

  4. OMGOMGOMG!!!! what is that??

    anyway it's been increasingly hard to stay on top of my blogs lately too!! so much to read, so little time!

  5. Ekkk yikes what the hec is that! I have been a bad blogger..and follower too..I am sad about it.


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