Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween!

This has been the strangest Halloween in some time. The snow over the weekend has prevented lots of kids from trick-or-treating (so sad!) and because of the power outages lots of schools (including mine!) got the day off (our first official snow day of the season). Luckily, we didn't lose power this time around... I can't really imagine being without heat. 

Sean is at band practice so I spent the night giving out candy with these two: 

We don't have any pictures from today but here are some over the past few Halloweens! :)

2007... Zombie Prom dates.

2008... the joker & a witch.
2009... a mouse & a zombie.


2010... No costumes since we spent the weekend in D.C.
This year (and last year) we didn't dress up! No parties or anything. But that's okay! Maybe next year! Instead we spent the snowy weekend in bed eating candy & watching scary movies. It was perfect.

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  1. I still can't believe you got snow and already had a snow day!!! My family in CT didn't loose power luckily!!


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