It's snowing.

It's snowing... a lot & I'm not ready for it.

In preparation for this slight Nor'easter we're having we woke up real early to go shopping! Sean was absolutely so excited for TJ Maxx, Home Goods, Michaels and Target. :)

We've been in bed for the last 4 hours watching:

We borrowed the first four seasons from a friend and it's hilarious.


Which words do you see first?

I saw:
1. Happy
2. Peaceful
3. Sentimental
4. Loyal

Those are pretty positive words! 


So, I have to say the last few weeks months, I've been pretty stressed with the whole wedding, planning the wedding, planning the honeymoon, applying to grad school, my Montessori training, going back to work after 3 months of summer, starting grad school, doing homework, hanging out with my husband, making sure paperwork is all straightened out now that I have a husband, planning our first vacation, doing more homework, maintaining hobbies, spending time with family, seeing friends, doing laundry, cleaning, keeping up with DVR, and finding time to blog. 

But then, I read this:

And, no lie, I could probably do 100% of the things on this list & it would probably help.


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