Marriage Monday!

Wedding pics?!

Before the wedding, I thought long and hard about changing my last name. Ultimately, I decided that I would take Sean's last name but move my last name to become my middle name (since I don't have one). So, even though I'll "keep" my last name I won't actually go by it and plan on just having the "H." on any documents.

But... changing your name is so complicated! I couldn't change it right after the wedding because then my passport wouldn't match my license which wouldn't match my plane tickets for our honeymoon. Huge problem! Everyone told me to wait and just "deal with it later".

The next problem I encountered was that all of our wedding checks were made out to "Mr. & Mrs. Duffy" or "Mrs. Jasmine Duffy"... etc. So, in order to deposit those checks I had to change my name on our bank accounts (I needed proof in the form of our MARRIAGE LICENSE). So, now I've been walking around with a debit card that says Jasmine Duffy without a matching license. Not so smart...

In order to change my license, I have to go to the DMV... but in order to get the DMV to change the name on my license I have to FIRST change my social security card which means a trip to the social security office... which closes every day at 4PM. Not so convenient for people who work. :(

"The Knot" sent me an email saying how "easy" it is to change your name. Now, I don't know if this is a state-to-state thing, but here in Massachusetts... it doesn't appear to be that easy. It's actually pretty frustrating and I can imagine why people might just wait... a while to do anything about it!

I plan on going and making progress tomorrow. I'll let you know if I make it to the office in time before closing. :)


  1. Having the same problem :( its awful! all my work stuff is Moscato. But everything else is Hines. I can totally relate to your situation! The hours are def no convenient either! 4pm?!

  2. hey jasmine! i just came by to ask you if you got my email about the sponorships?

    a lot of you didn't so i figured i'd come by and say that, if you're still interested, i'm asking for buttons that are 200 wide and 150 tall.

    you can email it to me at kandicetolman91@live.com

  3. Yes Yes I have heard about this crazy name change hassle but thank you for bringing up the passport situation!!! I would have never thought of it!

  4. Oh yes I am dreading this too! The Soc Sec. office is a nightmare!!! Good luck!


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