September's Gone.

Well, September is long gone. 

Luckily, we had a great month. :)

I attended a good friend's bridal shower, saw my cousin get married, received an acoustic guitar as a birthday gift, was able to reunite with MOST of my cousins at the wedding, got our wedding rings in the mail from Ireland, had Redsox tickets handed to me (before they went completely downhill), got ready for the fall with my new Patriots shirt and Uggs, took pictures in a photobooth, and celebrated turning twenty-five. Woah.

I'm excited for October. It's going to be busy! I have a girls weekend over Columbus Day weekend, we're going to Fright Night at 6 Flags on the 14th, Sean has a show in NY on the 15th, I have a 3-day seminar starting the 21st PLUS I start grad school on the 6th, plan on finishing my wedding scrapbook, need to go apple picking, carve a pumpkin, find a Halloween costume, watch tons of scary movies, finally change my last name, and complete our loan application so we can formally begin the process of house hunting. Busy, busy!


  1. wow. i love busy. :) L-O-V-E your ring! it is so gorgeous.

  2. sounds like an amazing both passed but another one fun is coming! ps..love the rings! gorgeous

  3. Love all those pics, and I can't wait till its boots wearing season!!! Cute UGGS!


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