T.V. Commitments.

It's been about a month since most of the new shows of the season have begun and I've committed to so many! (Possibly too many?)

For instance:

Monday: 2 Broke Girls, Two and a Half Men, Hart of Dixie, The Lying Game. 
Tuesday: 90210, Ringer, Raising Hope, Parenthood.
Wednesday: Criminal Minds, Up All Night, Suburgatory, Happy Endings.
Thursday: The Big Bang Theory, The Secret Circle, Whitney.

Normally, I DVR a bunch of shows and by week 2 or 3... I drop a couple just because I don't like them as much as I thought I would. But this season? No, not so much. I haven't dropped a single show and I'm still interested in them all! If anything, I just keep adding shows to my schedule.

So what do I think? Here's my T.V. recap:

- 2 Broke Girls & Whitney are both hysterical. I'm such a fan of Whitney Cummings and love when she's on Chelsea Lately. 
- I love Ashton on Two and a Half Men but then again, I was never a fan of of Charlie Sheen. 
- 90210 holds a special place in my heart as does Sarah Michelle Gellar in Ringer and Rachel Bilson in Hart of Dixie-- I watch Ringer out of pure devotion to SMG...

- Parenthood is an amazing show that EVERY SINGLE person should watch -- set your DVR to record it now... plus Lauren Graham is almost as amazing in it as she was in Gilmore Girls. 
- Up All Night, Suburgatory, Raising Hope, and Happy Endings are all around funny shows -- pretty different in plots but the dialogues are quick and hysterical and they're sitcoms that Sean enjoys, too. 
- Criminal Minds has been back to being AMAZING ever since they brought back Paget Brewster and A.J. Cook. 
- The Big Bang Theory is hilariously funny and Sean and I love watching it together! 
- The Secret Circle is interesting and I can tell I'll be hooked very shortly... I've LOVED Britt Robertson since the first episode of Life Unexpected.
- And, The Lying Game? Well... I watch it just because I love seeing their outfits...

What's everyone else watching?!


  1. MY DVR is sooo full with new shows as well!!

    I heard Pan-Am was amaaaazing and I have two shows on my DVR I have yet to watch.

    I agree about Parenthood! One of my favorite shows and I don't think enough people watch it. It's just amazing!

    Big BANG is always a favorite.

    do you watch Modern Family?!!??!! It's the funniest show on telelvision (except maybe Big Bang) but it's seriously amazing, you will love it! Also Community is actually an amazingly funny show. I didn't like the first season but the 2nd season was great and I'm really into it now.

    Revenge has been good too..i'm def. hooked on that show.

    I wish I had dvr'd whitney and two broke girls...I hear they're good so I'll try and find the first few episodes online.

  2. also: clearly.....I watch too much tv!!

  3. Hart of Dixie is so cute! I love it :) I've been downloading the episodes and really enjoy them. I'm struggling to get in to Ringer, I love SMG, but I'm just not feeling it yet. And Big Bang is so funny! Also loving Gossip Girl this season :)

  4. You and I have very similar TV tastes!! And YES you need to check out Revenge too, its a great show. I have not heard of the lying game but will add it to my DVR to watch!!


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