Two [very exciting] things!


The rules:

{one} Thank the person(s) who gave you the award and link back to them: Stephanie! From The Vintage Modern Bride... thank you so much!! I can't wait to see your wedding pictures in just a few short months!

{two} Share Seven Things About Yourself:

1. I'm seriously debating putting off getting a filling next week so I can spend the money on the new iPhone instead.

2. I can't swim or ride a bike.

3. I don't like cooking... or waiting for food to be cooked. I prefer going out to eat or getting take-out.

4. I can't stand watching the news because the stories are always so depressing!
5. The first thing I do every day when I get home from anywhere is put on sweatpants.
6. I've never tried coffee... ever.

7. I still watch episodes of Full House and Boy Meets World whenever they're on.

{three} Pass The Award On to Fifteen Newly Discovered Blogs: These aren't necessarily NEW to me.. but they're blogs I read every day for all different reasons: weddings/newlyweds/kids/decorating/fashion/life/etc. Honestly, it's really hard to choose since I think I read about 100 blogs pretty obsessively... but anyways!

2. Raven
4. Becca
5. Marie
6. Shana
8. El.vi
9. Megan
10. Laura
11. Teeny
13. Kandice
14. Shalyn
15. Tracy

There you have it! Again, thank you so much to Stephanie! :)

Two: Now! I'd like to formally jump on the band wagon and participate in "What I'm loving Wednesday" with a slight twist... 

Here are two videos I am loving, loving, loving. :)

This Adele song:

&& This amazing medley of (I think) mostly 90's t.v. show theme songs.

:) Happy Wednesday!


  1. awww yay I was the first one!!! :) so exciting! :) and I love Adele.

  2. oohh blog award...cool...haha

  3. yay! Thanks lady!!

    OMG loving that second video! Watching it now :)


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