1. My NEW iPhone 4S that arrived in the mail, today. Siri is pretty amazing. Sean and I have been asking her questions. She has a pretty ridiculous answer for everything and when you say thank you to her she responds with "your wish is my command".

2. Twilight is on FX right now, AND they keep showing previews for a pretty spectacular movie that's coming out November 18th.

I mayyy be slightly obsessed.

3. I've finished my realllly stressful couple of weeks and now will have more time to blog and sleep!

4. Lots of my shows seem to be having repeats this week which is good because I am so behind!



  1. Can't wait for Breaking Dawn! :)

    I just got my iPhone! LOVE!

  2. im excited for the movie to come out. Too bad I'll be at the ball when it premieres!!


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